We are a company that provides high quality application for both mobile and web. we started in 2016 with only few developers. but passion for what we do and the will to thrive and become unique at our fields made us survive most challenges.

We now have many mobile applications and much more web application to speak for us thanks to the customers that trusted us with their needs. hooray to all our customers who made us who we are today. this was all achieved because of you!

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It's all about the Customer

We work very hard here at CODERSEA to best understand our customers. to make sure they feel not only as valued as they should, but as a Family.


It's more than work

We are a customer-centered business. Our passion is to bring your vision to life with the tools you need. We help you break all technical and other barriers and get your business the global interaction it deserves.


Every customer is unique

we believe every client is unique and every idea is also unique in its own way. our well experienced team knows best not to overlook even the smallest idea of our client as it could be the key to perfection


Cost-effective services

Using the latest technologies and most important listening well to our clients and understanding they vision has been proven most effective at saving both time and effort. hence effectively reducing the cost

Our Services

  • Web Application

    We will not only develop your application. but we always walk with our customers step-by-step till they are capable of using their application to the fullest strength to their business advantage. With web application Users can easily access your service-content from any device connected to the Internet using a standard browser.

  • Mobile Application

    Keeping your Application up to date is the most important thing your business needs. and maintaining its hype as well. each and every single application is a number ONE priority. we use the latest technologies for fast response and we never dumb old technologies out of the window in case we run into an old coded app.

  • Technical Support

    With the world moving towards mobile devices. it is very obviuose that creating a mobile application is a must nowadays. but the key to a strong one is providing all the features the customers need. and providing good manibulating tools for the customers to tweek it whenever they feel the needs to.



The most strong feature in our company is the variety of technologies we use in our development process. providing support to a larger set of application.

  • Web Application Development

    web application is a must for better business management and reaching more customers for your business.

  • Mobile Application Development

    with mobile application you can reach any smart device which has a great impact as well on your busincess.

  • Robotics

    Robotics is literally the future of mankind as they save much effore and money on the long term as well.

Our Team

we are proud of our great team. they are one of the most motivated and enthusiastic people, and are always ready and willing to help out where needed.


We always welcome passionate developers who try their best to keep up with the new technologies that keep popping up in the field of application development.

New Gear

When it comes to coding, it's all about the equipments. here at CODERSEA we provide everything a developer needs to think, create and test his product to make sure the process fun.

Great Technology

Technology is always changing for the best. here at CODERSEA we provide the best -most effective- courses you will need to keep up with the change in technology. and at flexable hours.

Super Casual Wear

So you like casual wears ha! who doesn't, daa! well if you are confortable then this is how it's done. enjoy working in a fun atmosphere wearing whatever you see fits your mood.

Gym Membership

Who said a programmer shouldn't be FIT! enjoy a free membership at top tier gyms. workout, exercise and get that body in shape for a better weekend. it's all about being healthy

Personal Development

So you decided you are better switching to a different framework or API. or you just want to learn a new technology. we will support you with every course you need to get there.

Technology Conferences

We make sure you use the latest technology and understand what the market needs. and for that we always attend coference that makes you Up-to-date on you coding skills.



Front-end Web Developer

A front-end developer uses a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build everything a user sees and interacts with on a website. that includes everything fro




Back-end Web Developer

We are looking for a Back-End Web Developer that will be usually focused on developing server-side logic, definition and maintenance of the central database.You will also be




Mobile Application Developer

We are looking for a cross platform developer that can build application for Android and IOS using cross framework like react native, saving time and effore. he will be norm



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    Egypt, Port Fouad, 4 Seasons building, in the front of the Tersana

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